Saturday, February 13, 2010

I could comment a lot about this video:

and I could also comment on this response:

but I won't on either, because they have similar yet different messages. My answer is this:

Men, there are things you do that drive your ladies batshit crazy.
Ladies, same goes for your idiosyncrasies and how men sometimes scratch their heads.

And yet, the human race perpetuates itself. Even for gay couples, there are aspects to personality that drive the other person up a wall. And again, boy still meets girl (or boy), and vice versa. Whether it's sociological or biological, we're genetically driven to put up with each other's crap. The men have their day in the sun, and I know the ladies do too.

If you manage to have 75, even 90% alignment with the interests and sensitivities of your significant other, then congratulations, you represent 0.05% of the population and these videos should do nothing except insult your situation and make you more thankful you don't deal with these sorts of things. For the rest of us, compromise is just another aspect to a relationship, and how we deal with it (either through venting or driving fast in a huge sportscar) is part of how we keep it alive.

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