Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort - if you can't debate, obfuscate!

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort (of the famous banana argument for evolution) went on several crusades for the creationist/intelligent design side of biological origins. Using it's public domain status, he is giving away 100,000 copies of his version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species to college campuses. Comfort's special edition contains a 50 page foreword where he conveniently inserts the same, tired creationist canards (abiogenesis, no transitional forms, etc.) that have been rejected again and again by evolutionary scientists. The goal is to distribute these copies freely to universities in a way to encourage academic freedom and 'lively' debate. He already revised his foreword in the light of several backlashes for errors, but we assume those inaccurate copies were not retracted.

Not sure I've ever seen a book be so hijacked by inserting an opposing viewpoint in the foreword that deliberately sets out to denounce and in many ways misinterpret the goal of the original work. This YouTube poster went on a rather pointed and I daresay excellent tirade of this book and how it would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

It seems for every success we make in the realm of freedom of speech, some forensic marvel comes along and shows us just how hard it is to make the shit sink to the bottom.I guess in a few years we can just pile these copies of the book into the Failboat along with the Expelled DVDs, float it out to sea and scuttle it.

In a few years, it could become a fascinating artificial reef upon which marine organisms will grow and evolve for millions of years. Then again they may have the good sense to just avoid it like a sunken plague barge.

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