Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let it begin, let it beginn!!

So, the new gaming group assembled rather well. My colleague and her merry band have begun an adventure in a town of my own creation, Glendathym. Although the town lies within the larger campaign setting of Forgotten Realms, the town and it's denizens are totally my own.

Initially I plan on taking advantage of some of the fine pre-made adventures from Wizards of the Coast, the only difference being that most of them are aligned with their new 'starter town' of Fallcrest, so names and places need to be updated accordingly. I like Fallcrest just fine but I prefer to have a bit more creative control over things.

I have to commend the group for their patience and willingness to learn what I consider a better but still complex set of gaming rules. Those who began playing Dungeons & Dragons as a 'yute' in the 70s and early 80s are encountering a rather different game, one where it's part pen-and-paper D&D, part Magic-The Gathering and part Warhammer (miniature-based play).

So far we were able to develop quite a diverse group. We are hoping to add my friend Amy's nephew to the group and coerce him into playing a healer/diviner character such as a Paladin or Cleric. We cherry-picked ideas from both the 1st and 2nd Player's Handbooks. The party consists of:

Amy = Ariana (Female Eladrin Wizard)
Katie = T'Panya (Female Dragonborn Barbarian)
Forest = Thorlongus (Male Goliath Warlord)
Grace = Saoirse (Female Elf Sorceror) - pronounced "Seer-shuh"
Mitch = Crognaw (Male Elf Rogue)

Being first level characters everything is still fresh and new, so as we advance the party magic will be gathered, butts will be kicked and a very thankful Glendathym will hopefully reward them with power and prestige.

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  1. Yay for power an prestige! You're the best DM I've ever had! :-)


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